Community Engagement

Bringing Neighbors & Needs Together

Aqua Aid is our new assistance program, designed to provide financial support to customers who are having difficulty paying their bills and helps to ensure they continue to receive uninterrupted water service. The program is focused on customers within the communities we serve and is funded through donations from Aqua customers. That way, neighbors can help neighbors directly in their own communities. One hundred percent of each donation goes directly to those who need it and every customer contribution is tax deductible. Customers can make a donation of $1 or more to Aqua Aid here.

Aqua Aid

How Aqua Aid works

When a customer calls Aqua to request assistance on a delinquent account, they are prescreened for eligibility and referred to a Salvation Army office that facilitates the program. The Salvation Army provides an application to the customer and conducts an interview to determine if the customer qualifies for assistance under the Aqua Aid program. Upon approval, credits are applied electronically to the customer’s account.

The Aqua Aid program is being rolled out across our footprint and is currently available to our customers in Illinois.

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