Beyond providing safe and reliable water and wastewater services, Aqua is committed to making it easy to do business with our company. As customer expectations and needs change, we are continually improving our processes to provide a more efficient customer experience.

Customer experience

Aqua evaluates our customer experience through a number of channels, including the satisfaction in interactions with customer service representatives through the call center.

Our overarching customer service program uses this feedback to inform a global approach on how we solve customer issues as an organization, viewing our business practices through the lens of the customer.

Customer education

Aqua also proactively shares information through digital communications to enhance the customer experience and provide additional information on topics that help customers save money and conserve water. These include tips on properly disposing of fats, oils and grease during the holidays to prevent clogs; water conservation tips; and how to prevent the occurrence of frozen pipes during cold months. We share this content through our customer mailers and our social media properties including Facebook and Twitter.

We also provide WaterSmart alerts, an automated customer notification designed for quick, reliable communications on a customer’s water safety and service in case of disruption.

Customer security

Aqua is committed to customer privacy through governance systems, guidance and peer industry work groups. To continue to improve, collaborate and stay ahead of any threats to customer security, we have implemented NIST Cybersecurity Framework, which consists of standards, guidelines and best practices to manage cybersecurity-related risk. These processes have proved successful, as Aqua has had no compromises to customer data.

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