Diversity & Inclusion

Aqua is making strides to build a culture of inclusion and ensure that our employees and board members appropriately reflect the diversity of the company’s customers and shareholders. We are taking concrete steps to become an employer of choice that values diversity and inclusion in the utility industry.

Building a culture of inclusion

Satnaree Brandon
Satnaree Brandon

In 2017, Aqua hired Talent and Acquisition Lead Satnaree Brandon to focus on building a diverse workforce at Aqua. In traditional terms, building a diverse workforce means that we hire and promote a variety of people, regardless of ethnicity, nationality, gender or gender identification, sexual orientation, age, background or ability. But beyond building a diverse company, we want to be an inclusive company, with a supportive and respectful environment where all employees can achieve their full potential.

This includes fair treatment, equal access to opportunity and feeling welcomed as a teammate to build a happy and engaged group of employees. When we talk about inclusion, we are talking about how we make the mix of differences come together and have meaning, with the ultimate goal to provide everyone a seat at the table.

Aqua understands that building a culture of inclusion requires representation of diversity at all levels of the organization, and our approach has been to build this from the top down. While 20 percent of our leadership at the vice president level and above is female, which is uncommon for our industry, we are also working to ensure a similar collection of diverse outlooks throughout the rest of the company.

2020 Women on Boards Aqua's board is 71.4% male and 28.6% female

Aqua was recognized for taking essential steps toward our diversity and inclusion goals in 2017, when we were named as a Winning 'W' Company by 2020 Women on Boards. The nonprofit recognizes companies that have 20 percent or more board of directors seats held by women. In 2017, Aqua’s board was made up of 25 percent women (in 2018, that number rose to 33 percent).

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