Aqua America owes everything to our employees: the talented people who work tirelessly to fulfill our mission of protecting and providing Earth’s most essential resource to our customers.

We employ over 1,600 people in a variety of roles within our eight-state footprint, ranging from field workers and customer service representatives who are on the front lines working with customers, to scientists and engineers who help ensure we’re delivering reliable water service, to the corporate employees who help execute the strategic vision for Aqua America and our subsidiaries.

We are dedicated to creating a sustainable working atmosphere by offering a broad array of programs to attract and retain the best employees, including essential employee wellness initiatives and comprehensive safety programming. We know that a satisfied employee provides long-term value, dedication, trust and superior performance.

Gender diversity at Aqua

Board: 71.4% male, 28.6% female
Management: 78.6% male, 21.4% female
All Employees: 76.06% male, 25.11% female

Employee age at Aqua

AGE: 8.5 percent of workforce is under 30, 49.6 percent are 30-50 years of age, 41.9 percent is over 50.

Ethnic diversity at Aqua

ETHNICITY: 1,503 have disclosed ethnicity (84% Caucasian, 10.5% African American, 3.4% Hispanic, and 1.7% other ethnicity groups).
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