Employee wellness is essential in any company, and is known to yield benefits including reductions in absenteeism, health care costs and employee turnover, and can improve employee morale, strengthen recruitment efforts and enhance the quality of life for employees.

Aqua offers many programs to help our employees utilize available resources to help them make healthy choices. We work with our employees to fully understand all proactive wellness benefits available to them through our insurance, including smoking cessation, nutrition services and gym memberships.

Supporting employee wellness

Through our vendor Health Advocate, Aqua employees have access to an interactive website that helps them to reach their wellness goals like eating better, getting fit, reducing stress and managing certain health conditions. Through this website, employees can develop confidential personal health profiles, use online progress trackers and to-do lists to meet their health goals, access self-guided online workshops, participate in interactive competitions and campaigns and access educational tip sheets and recipes.

As all employees are provided regular meetings with a nutritionist as part of their health insurance plan, Aqua has arranged for a healthy eating presentation from a nutritionist, followed by optional on-site nutrition meetings in Bryn Mawr and recommendations on local nutrition resources in other areas of the Aqua footprint.

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